VNC Powers Jaguar Connect and View System
Date: Wednesday, May 04 @ 14:43:31 UTC
Jaguar chose the BlackBerry World™ conference on Wednesday to demonstrate their new 'Connect and View™' system.

Powered by RealVNC's groundbreaking technology, which we covered in February here, 'Connect and View' allows compatible handsets to display approved apps on the vehicle's in-dash touchscreen.

The apps can not only be displayed but can provide data to vehicle systems. Jaguar demonstrated the technology on a XK linked with a BlackBerry smartphone. As well as being able to initiate and take calls via the touchscreen, other applications including music and navigation are possible.

This technology could finally free manufacturers and users from the limitations and expense of factory-fit navigation, hands-free and digital music technology although being restricted to using only those apps approved by the manufacturer may indicate that they are not yet ready to completely let go.

Or perhaps the restrictions are there due to concerns about the damage a rogue app could do if it was able to access vehicle systems?

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