Do SatNavs Trump In-Vehicle Entertainment?
Date: Sunday, February 27 @ 13:15:23 UTC

A new report claims that Satnav is deemed more important than CD players by UK fleet drivers.

A survey of 1,106 customers of the Fuelcard Company has reported that 42 per cent regarded their satnav as their most important in-vehicle accessory with mobile phone hands-free kits coming in second with 25 per cent - apparently in that position (and presumably growing) due to legal restrictions on mobile phone use.

Although not reported, one might assume that one of the reasons for the satnav's popularity would be its inclusion of speed camera alerts.

With attribution to ownership of smart and touchscreen phones, other recent research, by Halfords, reported that the number of drivers using social networks while driving doubled in the last year. 41 percent also admitting they had accepted a phone call in their vehicle and 29 per cent admitted to making at least one call in the last year while driving.

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