Endomondo - Selected By Android For Innovation
Date: Tuesday, February 08 @ 15:52:35 UTC

Endomondo's free Sports app has been selected by Android as one of the five most innovative Android apps and will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

With over two million downloads, Endomondo turns a mobile phone into a personal trainer. Designed for use by runners, cyclists and walkers, the app tracks routes, distances, duration, split times, calorie consumption etc and provides a full training history.

An audio coach provides updates on distance and speed and data can be shared on Endomondo.com. Live tracking is one of a number of community features and allows friends to follow your activity in real time, perfect for a Marathon. You can even send text messages to the user which are read out by the audio coach although that may not be welcomed!

A wide range of handsets are supported including Android, iPhone, Windows 7 Phone, Blackberry and Nokia. For more information visit www.endomondo.com.

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