Research Claims GPS Use Can Cause Memory Problems
Date: Thursday, November 25 @ 10:18:50 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comGPS users have an increased risk of memory loss and spatial orientation problems claims new report.

Researchers conducted a number of studies and the findings suggest that a reliance on GPS for navigation can lead to damage to a region of the brain responsible for memory and spatial orientation.

The actual research is complex and the results may in fact show that the cause is a lack of exercise of the region responsible for spatial awareness rather than the direct fault of GPS.

Whilst it can be invaluable in helping us find our way, it does mean we have less awareness of our surroundings and the routes we have taken.

The researchers advise not placing too much reliance on the tech and that we should take the time to assess our surroundings and update our built-in spatial 'map' to prevent problems.

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