WAZE - Driver generated mapping, traffic and navigation
Date: Sunday, November 07 @ 12:17:37 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comWe've touched on WAZE in the past but I was asked to re-visit the project recently and having done so I must say I'm quite impressed.

Let me say from the outset though that, while WAZE claim they offer navigation, from my testing of the map data I have found that aspect of the service ropey at best and almost unusable.

However, if we ignore that feature and approach it as a service that encourages drivers to use the app to capture road data then it suddenly begins to make more sense. The beauty of WAZE is that it takes a Social networking approach to map making.

Launch the app and create an account and you're a new 'Wazer' ready for the off. The app, free and currently available for Android, Blackberry (Beta), iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile is very simple to use, just drive!

You will see your position on the map and by driving along roads you are confirming they exist and earning points.

Some roads have dots along them, these are newly reported roads or less well travelled. If you drive along them your cursor turns into a Pacman style chomper who eats up all the dots. This serves to confirm the road exists and earns you more points.

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