CameraAlert v1.2 submitted to Apple
Date: Thursday, August 26 @ 18:03:16 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comAfter what feels like months in development, CamerAlert v1.2 has finally been wrenched out of the dev teams bleeding hands and submitted to Apple for approval.

This update adds a number of major changes and improvements but I won't spoil the anticipation by revealing all of them until we get the green light from Apple.

I will however whet your appetite by saying that is is now fully iOS4 compatible and multi-tasking aware/capable.

The success of this app has taken us all by surprise and we're committed to building on the feature list and improving it where we can. As it uses the very best data available it has a head start on all the rest and with the ever increasing user base of subscribers both via the CamerAlert app itself and our vast user-base on other GPS platforms we are better placed than ever to ensure that the data you rely on is the very best we can offer.

As soon as we get the green light from Apple we'll post the full feature list and changelog.

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