Thoughts on self-defining Points Of Interest
Date: Thursday, August 19 @ 22:29:19 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comThis week I was thinking about self-defining POIs. What do I mean by that? Well we all know that a POI is a Point Of Interest, by self-defining I mean that the POI actually reports it's own position and other data back to a central server.

So what use could these self-defining POIs be in the real world? Depending on your viewpoint most of us have the technology capable of performing the task right now in the form of our mobile phones. All you need is an application that updates a server on a regular basis and, hey presto, you have a mobile self defining POI. This feedback loop is great in two ways. It is the enabler for us to get localised information about what is around us, and it also lets servers know where we are. It has been used in a number of ways to introduce Geo-Social Networking. But that is not what I am thinking of.

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