Holux GR-230 BT Problem fixed
Date: Friday, December 19 @ 00:37:58 UTC

As many of you know prior to the release of the Holux GR-230 review I discovered a BT bug in the Holux GR-230 which stopped you switching the protocol on the GPS from NMEA to SiRF at the same time as changing the baud rate. This rendered the GPS in a state that you couldn't then connect to the GPS (ever).

After speaking with Holux extensively and showing them how this is happening, Holux Taiwan have now come up with a fix. It involves both a firmware update and a hardware tweak that needs to be carried out by Holux. The good news is that anyone purchasing a Holux GR-230 from Holux UK will now get one from the fixed batch of receivers.

I have spoken with Holux about replacement of earlier GR-230's and that if you are experiencing problems with an earlier model, they will fix this for you, but it will mean sending the GPS back to Holux and being without it for a while. If you do by accident lose control to the GPS, you can purchase a data cable from Holux which will allow you to connect it to a PC and switch it back manually. If anyone has been holding off purchasing a Holux GR-230 because of this problem we highlighted, there's now no need to do so!

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