Google unveils free turn-by-turn navigation for Android
Date: Wednesday, October 28 @ 15:49:58 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comStory courtesy Engadget.

With recent news of Google dropping TeleAtlas in favour of their own map data in the US, now Google have unveiled 'Maps Navigation', a beta turn-by-turn navigation solution which will be available on all Android v2.0 devices.

The application, using Google map data (including the aerial view maps) offers all the traditional navigation application features, voice guidance and address search.

A free app that offers all the basic functionality will send a shiver down the spines of navigation product manufacturers everywhere.

Google also demonstrated a new user interface triggered when an Android device is hooked up to a car dock. The UI includes larger icons and voice control but it appears this feature will only be available on later designs that include the necessary hardware to trigger this.

More screen-shots and a video over at Engadget.

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