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Date: Thursday, October 22 @ 13:52:26 UTC

Free Lifetime Subscriptions!Every time we release the Speed Camera Database we award those subscribers whose reports met our qualifying criteria a FREE Lifetime Membership to the site. We will publish the user-names of those who achieved the award following each release.

Of the 32 unique submitters who were first to make qualifying reports for this weeks database release (7.103) congratulations are due for the following 13 members who have just been awarded a FREE Lifetime Subscription: andypenn, carlwaldrom, changeman, Eyebeear, j75b, mlee55, nchason, nmmg2, PSKrieger, quimbo, Randylover, russellgww, scoee.

1 submitter missed out by not having a valid subscription at the time of submission. The remaining 18 qualifying submitters were already Lifetime Members. Our continued thanks to: Andy_P, bernieeccles, bw2020, Colombus, Coytus, edessad, essentialdriver, Funks, JR, MikeB, mrfreeze, s3elan, ScottMoffatt, shires999, Shush59, TheGeneral365, thOrac, wilf334.

If you are one of this week's lucky subscribers, the 'Lifetime Member' rank will be added under your forum name in due course. For any current Lifetime Members who would like the tag adding then please click here to make your request.

New Lifetime Members: If you have an auto-renewing subscription (any new PayPal subscription from September 2008) then please cancel the renewal from within your PayPal account as you will no longer have to pay to download! If you have any difficulties with this then please click here to raise a support ticket.

Our thanks to those who support the database and continue to report sites and locations, this is the reward, and for those who prefer to steal and abuse the service, read this thread. We WILL detect you.

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