PocketGPSWorld Newsletter - Formatting Issues
Date: Friday, October 16 @ 13:00:31 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comOur latest Newsletter went out this morning. We had spent the last week improving the layout and introducing a newspaper like style that we thought made it easier to read and more interesting.

However it seems that Microsoft email clients and Google GMail is unable to render the CSS code used to format the email correctly.

Whilst we have used CSS for over a year now, the addition of another column seems to have tipped the balance with those readers that are not fully CSS compliant. Whereas previously it was imperfectly formatted but readable, it is now displayed in a complete jumble!

This is a huge issue for all web developers. Having researched the issue, it appears that Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail use a web render engine that is not standards compliant and is unable to fully render all CSS code.

This will be lost on many of you I know but CSS is the defacto code for layout of web pages and has been in force for years.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is compliant but for reasons known only to themselves (and Gmail) they use a different render engine for HTML emails (emails that use web design layouts) and these are not compliant.

Frustrating for you who are left wondering why we sent out a Newsletter that looks like a grenade went off in the middle of it and even more frustrating for us!

For those of you so affected, there is a link at the top which takes you to the on-line version which will be rendered correctly using this link. This will ALWAYS show you the latest issue.

In the meantime, short of persuading you all to junk Outlook and switch to an email client that does comply with standards agreed years ago, we will have to see what we can do our end! It's a bit akin to being told you can build a house but have to use mud and straw!

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