TomTom Start Launch in London: First impressions
Date: Saturday, October 10 @ 21:55:26 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comJust off Soho Square in London was the venue TomTom chose to launch the latest device in their range of SatNav systems. We also got our hands on the TomTom Carkit for the iPhone (more of which later in another article).

This SatNav device is intended to be their entry level system, a device that has traditionally been the TomTom One range.

All the current TomTom SatNav devices have functionality that has been gradually expanding to a point where the operation of the system is getting close to requiring an engineering degree to get it to work. With this in mind TomTom have created the TomTom Start which is priced at 119 and in the stores now, with a simple no-frills user interface.

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