Google drop Tele Atlas for US map data
Date: Thursday, October 08 @ 18:38:27 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comGoogle have confirmed they have stopped using Tele Atlas as the map data provider for Google Maps in the US.

If you look at US Google Map data you will note the absence of the Tele Atlas Copyright message at the bottom of the page.

Google have used their data gathering experience to harvest data from other parties as well as the rich data contained in Streetview and and satellite/aerial photography to create their own map data. In the same way as MapShare, Google now allow you to report map errors directly to them.

What this means financially for Tele Atlas is not known but it's clear that Google do not intend to stop there. They will doubtless be planning to reduce the licence bill and take over the map data supply for other territories in due course.

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