Calling All Speed Camera Warning Virgins
Date: Thursday, October 08 @ 12:41:06 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comA to Z Atlases have teamed up with to offer you the full UK database of fixed safety camera alerts - absolutely free! A free CD of speed camera locations is now available with A to Z's hugely popular Great Britain Super Scale Road Atlas.

The cameras are also shown, with their maximum speed limit, within the 2010 Edition atlas which also includes sourced petrol station locations. Separately listed selected places of interest now include their full postcode for satnav use.

Priced at just 14.95, it's the perfect opportunity to try out our camera warnings for the first time. If you use the speed cameras alerts that came shipped with your device you'll of course already know how poor quality they are. A quick search of our speed camera forums (and other forums) will show you 100's of complaints... and remember, just one missing location often results in a fine and points on your licence. Your search will also show you that our customers have no doubt whatsoever that we consistently produce the most accurate and up to date data.

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