NDrive - iPhone - UK and Ireland Now Available
Date: Thursday, October 08 @ 11:03:03 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comNDrive's iPhone App for UK and Ireland is now available in the Appstore.

Priced at 34.99, NDrive has a simple intuitive interface with turn-by-turn guidance using spoken instructions and map data provided by TeleAtlas.

In addition to UK and Ireland, NDrive is now available for Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Colombia, Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Poland/Czech Republic/Slovakia, Hungary/Austria/Croatia and Hong Kong/Macau. Map data providers and prices vary by region.

NDrive's feature list includes auto,pedestrian and adventure routing modes, advanced graphivs with 6-10 frame per second display, fast routing algorithm's, 3D buildings and an interface optimised for the iPhone with rotate and gesture support.

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