TomTom START launched
Date: Tuesday, October 06 @ 10:33:14 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comTomTom officially unveiled their latest entry level satnav, the TomTom START this morning.

Not the best kept secret with mention of a START model appearing in on-line reseller catalogues some days ago and oddly the UK launch party isn't until this evening but we can at least now discuss it.

The ethos of the START is simplicity. With only a single button and a simplified menu layout the device is supremely easy to use and TomTom have added the option to personalise the device with a range of six brightly coloured 'StartSkins'.

The START has a 3.5" screen, integrated EasyPort mount, Map Share, IQ Routes and a Latest Map Guarantee. The new menu offers two on-screen buttons, 'Plan Route and 'Browse Map'

We've had a unit for some months now and whilst it is very simple I have to wonder if this is a step too far. The START omits 7-digit PostCode, presumably to keep costs down but this is a feature we consider vital to a UK device. For one based on simplicity, the omission of 7-digit PostCode functionality is we feel shortsighted.

Time will tell if there is a market for a device as basic as this, priced at 129 for a regional map and 149 for a European map with StartSkins available at 14.95 per colour.

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