Speed Cameras - A Personal View
Date: Thursday, August 20 @ 10:07:51 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comRarely does a week pass without speed cameras getting a mention in the news somewhere. It's often claimed that the the Police "love 'em" but the truth is often quite different and many of those Police Officers charged with Policing the roads would much rather the opportunity to speak to the driver at the time than have a robot camera issue a fine which the driver will receive long after an event.

Speed Cameras don't educate drivers but they do embitter them and as always it is Police Officers who face the brunt of their ire. But they're cheap, they operate 24/7 and they earn Government money. if speed camera revenue went back into policing or road repair etc then maybe we'd all think slightly differently but it doesn't. Councils are slowly comiong to realise that not only do they have little or no effect on road safety but that they are not new sources of income for them and consequently they're dropping them.

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