End of an era for GPS as GPS 2R-M8 is launched
Date: Wednesday, August 19 @ 14:36:53 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comAugust 17th 2009 was a day that ended an era of space flight. This was the day that the US Air Force successfully launched the last of the eight Global Positioning Systems 2R-M satellites on top of a Delta 2 rocket from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base.

This was also the last launch of a Delta 2 by the USAF and also marks the disbandment of the USAF 1st Space Launch Squadron. The launch complex 17 which has been the home of the East Coast Delta 2 launches will be taken over by NASA for a couple of their Delta 2 launches before it will be de-commissioned.

Click here for our video of the launch which shows the first 4 minutes of the rocket's flight on the way into orbit. It captures some critical launch events including secondary motor ignition and jettison of the solid rocket boosters that lifted the spaceship from the launch pad into the upper atmosphere.

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