OpenStreetMap Data Now Available on Submission Maps
Date: Tuesday, August 18 @ 13:20:55 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comHere at PocketGPSWorld Towers we like OpenStreetMap (OSM). The speed at which the map tiles get updated is staggering when you consider how long it can take for TeleAtlas and NavTeq to update their maps with new road layouts.

The open source nature of the OSM project also makes it easy for anyone to update the data, add new roads, correct existing roads and even mark the location of traffic lights and mini-roundabouts. Looking closer to home, our submission map currently uses Google Maps which in some countries doesn't have the required road detail for adding POIs and speed camera locations.

We have been beavering away behind the scenes and have now added OSM as a new map view on both of our submission maps. This will hopefully make it easier to add cameras to new roads and also for the countries where Google Maps just doesn't quite cut it. And remember, if the road you need isn't on either map then head over to, add it, and in a few days it'll show on the submission map!

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