TomTom's iPhone App finally breaks cover
Date: Monday, August 17 @ 09:01:21 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comWe all knew it was coming but 'when?' was the $64million question. Spotted in the New Zealand iTunes App Store yesterday it seemed pretty clear that the launch had begun and at some time early this morning TomTom for iPhone finally materialised in the UK AppStore.

There isn't a lot to add really, the interface looks very similar to that which was used on the TomTom Mobile App that used to exist and it features multi-touch integration making full use of iPhone gestures for operation and map zoom etc.

Navigation to address book contacts is also included as well as IQ routing. But notable by its omission is any form of LIVE connected services. This is a phone, a phone with out of the box data bundles and connectivity so why the heck has the opportunity to bundle the LIVE service features been omitted?

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