Warning Reindeer Ahead; Speed Limit 40 Kilometers per hour.
Date: Friday, August 14 @ 11:28:36 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comFinland's leading national newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has reported a novel approach to protecting Santa's Reindeer.

Around 4,000 collisions are estimated to occur between road vehicles and reindeer every year totalling 1.5m in compensation for lost or damaged livestock every year. A standard reindeer is valued at 700 but racing animals and Santa's Reindeer can be worth up to 2,000.

So, why are PocketGPSWorld.com reporting this? Well, the Reindeer Herders Assocation acknowledges that many cars have GPS / SatNav and that nearly all of these are able to issue warnings for speed camera locations. Extend this to the likely location of where reindeer will be crossing roads and you have yourself a new POI category.

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