ALK Release CoPilot v8 for Windows Mobile Smartphones
Date: Tuesday, August 11 @ 13:51:40 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comFollowing on from the success of CoPilot Live on the Android platform, and the phenomenal success of CoPilot for iPhone ALK have today launched the Windows Mobile version of CoPilot V8. As with it's predecessors it features voice guided turn by turn navigation with a clear clutter-free display and easy to use interface.

One of CoPilot's strengths is that it is able to leverage the underlying core operating system components and has access to the address book both for destination and sending location information.

Priced from 25.99 (UK) or 59.99 (Europe) the application is available to download now from or directly on your Android Device from the Android Market.

The full CoPilot 8 press release follows:

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