CSR announce the SiRFstarIV GPS Chipset
Date: Thursday, July 30 @ 12:31:46 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comLast time I met Kanwar Chadha was at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona in February this year. At that time the Merger of CSR and SiRF had just been announced and nobody was allowed to talk about anything until the deal had been completed. Kanwar said there was some exciting things on the horizon, but he was not able to be specific. Well this week CSR announced the latest in the SiRFstar family of GPS chipsets: the SiRFstar1V.

At MWC Kanwar was telling me about the need for GPS chipsets to become ubiquitous in a wide range of electronic devices. One of the main barriers to this was the size and power consumption of the GPS chipsets. The SiRFstar1V has now hit that mark and provides a sensitive, fast fix, and low power GPS chipset in a small package.

The obvious implementation model for this latest SiRF device is mobile phones, with Smartphones becoming ever more powerful there is a fine balance between power consumption and functionality. But why stop at phones, this chipset is ideal for all kinds of applications such as digital cameras and tracking devices.

The CSR SiRFstarIV press release follows:

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