Muttacar Sorry Business
Date: Sunday, July 19 @ 13:48:45 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comThe indigenous population of Australia have an Aboriginal phrase that encompasses the grief that often goes hand-in-hand with motor cars: "Muttacar Sorry Business". And the carnage caused by cars on the roads of Northern Territory are not only a very sorry business, but also surrounded by great controversy. have reported that road deaths have actually increased after speed limits were imposed on rural roads in Australia's remote Northern Territory. The roads had no speed limits up until 2007, after which the government imposed what they thought were an appropriate range of limits across the state. Their intention was to save lives, but after the change, fatalities increased by 70 percent.

The Australian road safety initiative, RoadSense, are quoted in saying that the government's enforcement "implies that traveling below the speed limit is safe, leading to complacency, inattention and increased fatalities. Additionally, the current policy of hidden speed cameras has actually impaired driver awareness through adding to an increasing list of dangerous distractions."

The statistics tell a grim story...

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