TwittARound - Augmented Reality Twitter Client
Date: Tuesday, July 07 @ 22:04:20 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comAnother augmented reality app, this time focussing on Twitter as the subject.

TwittAround, currently in beta, makes full use of the iPhone 3GS feature-set including GPS, camera, compass and accelerometer. Using the combined data from these inputs it shows all the local 'Tweet's' overlaid on a real-time camera view.

Once launched you can see Tweet icons on the real-time view from the camera and as you rotate the tweets are updated using the location information attached to 'Tweets' by many Twitter client apps.

TwittAround also allows you to read the Tweets and will also likely offer other Twitter client features.

Although this kind of application is rather frivolous it is the third augmented reality application to be revealed in recent weeks and it seems certain that Augmented Reality will be the next buzz tech this year.

More details and a demo video are available on the author's website here.

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