Livingston Parish Louisiana fight back against speed cameras
Date: Tuesday, July 07 @ 15:16:17 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comWell we all hate speed cameras, with the exception of the authorities who install and commission them, and of course the speed camera companies that make a profit from the systems. One small parish in Louisiana is making a stand and bucking the trend.

The people of Livingston Parish, Louisiana are taking matters, and the law, into their own hands. The law in Livingston has joined forces with the local church and had the Redflex speed camera van towed from it's illegal parking spot on church property. The van also seems to attract the attention of the law enforcers and it has been issued a number of tickets.

Unfortunately we are unlikely to see a repetition of the crackdown on illegal parking by the Safety Camera Partnership's vans in the UK as they are run with the involvement of the Police department. It is a pity as the law should apply to all road users, nobody should be above it.

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