TomTom iPhone - Stop Press - No sorry, as you were
Date: Monday, July 06 @ 21:31:43 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comAn interview with TomTom in Macworld today covers their yet to be released iPhone app and hardware mount.

In the interview, Tom Murray, VP of Market Development, doesn't reveal anything new, instead choosing to repeat details already confirmed.

Yes the mount has a GPS receiver, yes it has a speaker, yes it has audio out and yes it will charge the iPhone (really??). Yes it uses EasyPort and yes it can be used in Landscape and Portrait orientations. Do try and stay awake at the back eh! It will contain IQ Routes data although the presence of the much maligned MapShare is not known (and won't be missed here), nor is there any news on what if any 'connected' services will feature.

Surely TomTom wouldn't release without LIVE services on a connected device would they? Who knows, given they seem unaware that the app cannot be downloaded over 3G (Apple have a ceiling of 11mb for app downloads over 3G/EDGE). At 1GB it rather exceeds that limit!

So there you have it, all the news available, freshly re-packaged with the press image we've all seen a dozen times already. Still no release date, no announced pricing for the app or the mount and as each day passes no news means ever more customers will have given up the wait and jumped ship.

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