More Augmented Reality - Nearest Tube for iPhone 3GS
Date: Friday, July 03 @ 17:16:47 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comThanks to Pocket-Lint for the heads-up.

Following on from last week's Android Augmented Reality browser comes 'Nearest Tube' for iPhone 3GS.

Developed by Acrossair, authors of TVGuide, Nearest Tube overlays London Tube Station data over the reality view from your iPhone 3GS camera.

Making full use of the tilt sensor and compass, you can see detailed London Underground Tube Station information with the distances and the lines running through the stations all displayed on top of the view as seen by your iPhone's camera.

Hold it flat and you can see all 13 lines with arrows and as you tilt it upwards further data such as direction, distance etc is added with stations increasingly farther away displayed as you increase the tilt. Utilising the compass the data rotates as you turn around.

Submitted to Apple and awaiting approval so for now check out the YouTUBE video here.

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