iGO Amigo Reviewed!
Date: Thursday, May 28 @ 15:42:09 UTC

iGO Amigo Reviewed!iGO Amigo is Nav N Go's latest output into the world of navigation software. It differs remarkably from iGO MyWay in both looks and features as well as its use as an OEM product. Previous versions of Nav N Go's software (iGO 2006 & iGO 8) were incredibly versatile and often tricky to master the entire set of options available, and that's even before bringing skins into play!

This is where Nav N Go plan to change things with Amigo - it has been designed as a simple to use navigation program. So how does iGO Amigo fair next to the competition? 'Alright' is the answer, but that would make a poor review, so let me expand...

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