Cambridgeshire SafetyCam Partnership goes blue
Date: Thursday, May 28 @ 12:18:56 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comThis item caught my attention this week.

Cambridgeshire SafetyCam Partnership have treated themselves to some new SpeedCam Vans. I can imagine that they must have a very hard life travelling to the local haunts then parking up for a few hours. Very hard on the coffee cup holders and the seat recline mechanisms.

Still you have to balance the books and spend some of the cash generated somehow. It keeps the boys in the traffic garage busy and gives the Transport manager a chance to support our vehicle manufacturers.

But strangely, the partnership has changed the colour of the vans to dark blue. Apparently the previous dayglo yellow vans were occasionally mistaken for work vans. Naturally it makes complete sense to have them painted dark blue then so they will be mistake for anything but a SpeedCam van. And they are larger (uh why?) and they have camera logos on the side, just where you won't see them as you approach from the rear.

Perhaps the next upgrade should have have a side hatch and cooker then they could serve sausage rolls to passing motorists.

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