Americas Com choose Pocket GPS as Media Partners
Date: Saturday, May 23 @ 10:58:16 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comPocket GPS are proud to have been chosen as Media Partners to the Americas Com event. As networks, services and brands converge across fixed and mobile networks and across the telecoms, IT and media sectors, the Americas Com conference will gather representatives of every kind of service provider from 35 countries worldwide.

The conference, previously well known in the industry for 12 years as GSM Americas is taking place 30th June - 1st July in Rio de Janeiro. Panels will include discussions on the extension of services into the more under-served regions of the world and effective strategies to boost the take up of mobile.

In Western Europe, it's estimated about 20% of connections are due to one user having more than one mobile device in contrast to developing countries who often share phones. Despite current global economic challenges, this huge potential market and competition for the same lucrative space promises to fuel the fire of further dramatic take up of always connected phones such as the iPhone (and eventual more affordable versions), driving consequent increased use of SatNav on these types of devices.

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