GPS Space Command Expert uses twitter for Q & A Session
Date: Friday, May 22 @ 07:57:33 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comFollowing our report last week on the state of the GPS Network and world-wide coverage in the press this week we have just discovered (a day too late sadly) that the report was discussed by U.S. Space Command on Twitter on Wednesday.

Col. Dave Buckman, AFSPC Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Command, fielded a question and answer session on the state of the GPS Constellation.

A novel and very current method of reaching a wide number of users indeed!

The Q & A Session re-affirmed the position that the network was fully operational and would remain so. Col Buckman did however agree that there was a potential risk of service degradation but that plans were in place to mitigate this and prevent loss of service.

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