Pocket GPS Interview Tracking Specialists Navman Wireless
Date: Thursday, May 14 @ 10:50:13 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comSteve Blackburn, European Vice President of vehicle tracking company Navman Wireless sets the record straight on vehicle tracking.

Q. You claim Navman Wireless's products dramatically increase productivity and efficiency, how do you achieve this?

A.The benefits of vehicle tracking systems for businesses with a fleet of vehicles to co-ordinate are no secret these days. Real-time information on the exact position and driving speed of the whole fleet opens up a wealth of data on journey times, driving speeds and fuel consumption that all add up to a leaner, safer operation.

With vehicle tracking technology on board you can improve your whole fleet's efficiency and cut fuel consumption in a range of ways. Monitoring driver behaviour helps improve vehicle handling skills, cutting fuel costs, while the most efficient allocation of jobs should avoid unnecessary journeys. At the same time substantiated records rule out the possibility of false overtime claims by drivers, and knowing where each of your vehicles is located at all times means a massive boost to the security of your drivers and vehicles, as well as any goods being transported.

Q.Do you have any examples/figures/percentages re the reduction of fuel consumption?

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