Garmin ASUS nuvifone G60 - another delay - dead in the water?
Date: Wednesday, May 13 @ 07:26:15 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comThe launch of Garmin's much vaunted but oft delayed nuvifone has been postponed once again.

First announced in 2007, the nuvifone G60 has been beset by many delays and despite being scheduled for launch by Q2 2009, Garmin are now claiming the release announcement will not now take place until late 2009 and cannot commit to a firm release date.

Where Garmin's announcement of a connected, location aware smartphone raised eyebrows back in 2007 and excited investors, mere mention of the device now raises eyebrows for rather different reasons.

I have commented here before that the frequent delays and broken promises of the nuvifone project suggested it would never see the light of day as a retail product.

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