Transport for London trial digital speed limiter
Date: Tuesday, May 12 @ 08:50:33 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comWe covered this project in March but a BBC News item covering it yesterday caught my eye.

Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) is a project being run by Transport for London (TfL). By collating data on speed limits throughout London they have created a digital speed 'map'.

TfL are now testing the data using a device installed on a London bus that will restrict the vehicle and prevent it from exceeding the posted speed limit. There is an override and the option of an advisory mode where speed is not physically restricted.

This is an interesting project and one can't help but envisage a point in the near future where every vehicle is limited in this way. With ever increasing congestion, the constant pressure on motorists and the increase in speed cameras, perhaps this is a solution that would lead to us all driving more safely.

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