Speed camera nabs 23,500 drivers in 14 days
Date: Sunday, May 10 @ 17:40:55 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comStory courtesy of the Telegraph. A speed camera, installed in a 30mph limit in Whitely, Hampshire caught 23,500 drivers in two weeks.

That means this camera has caught more than one driver a minute breaking the speed limit and assuming an average fine of 60 that is 1.4million in fines.

A spokesman from Hampshire's Safer Roads Partnership said "Motorists should be aware that police can do random checks at any time and so should stick to speed limits".

Clearly any road that suffers this level of abuse of the limits needs targeting but it is also the case that investigation of why it is so prevalent also needs investigation. Are there other factors at play here, does the road need re-designing to re-inforce the 30 limit perhaps?

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