RoadTour launch AA Best Drives for Garmin
Date: Tuesday, May 05 @ 13:53:28 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comRoadTour has teamed up with the AA to offer 30 best drives across the UK.

Following on from their excellent Heritage and Pubs & Restaurants guides the AA best drives guides navigate from your doorstep to the start of the AA route.

Once there it will guide you along the route pointing out history, famous locations and other interesting snippets.

With 2 regions already available and 4 more coming soon, each region will offer you between 4 and 6 scenic routes varying from 95 to 300 miles in length. Drive them all or drive short sections as it suits you.

Each route is accompanied by a PDF document with a map, suggested stopping points and descriptions of all the locations. Each region costs 9.95 and is available for download direct from RoadTour.

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