Mio S401 and S501 Global launch 12 May
Date: Tuesday, May 05 @ 07:59:22 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comMio are planning a Global launch of their new S401 and S501 Moov PND's on 12th May.

A new 'Explore' mode promises you will see more of your surrounding POIs on a clutter-free map and a new Travel Book feature will provide extensive details of key places and locations.

An economical route option also makes an appearance as well as Text-to-Speech, Lane Guidance, Fuel search and Google send integration. The fuel search and Google send integration is especially interesting, it is not yet known how this data will be delivered to the device, it may have some form of connectivity or it could be something simpler such as a PC based client that synchronises with the device when plugged in.

The S401 is rumoured to have the more common 4.3" screen with its bigger brother, the S501 having a 4.7" display.

Pricing is not yet known but we will be at the UK launch event and will update you once the full details, spec and pricing is announced.

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