Couple fighting speed camera fine face 15k bill
Date: Monday, May 04 @ 11:16:18 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comStory courtsey of The Huddersfield Dail Examiner.

A couple fighting a 60 speeding fine face a 15,000 award for costs having failed in their appeal.

Physicist Iain Fielden and his wife Vikki were ordered to pay costs by the Bradford Crown Court judge making this the costliest speed camera case ever brought in the UK.

The original offence took place in 2006 when Mrs Fielden was photographed by a speed camera driving at 36mph in a 30mph limit. A fixed penalty of 60 with the mandatory 3 penalty points was issued.

Dr Fielden, an expert in the study of light claims the reading was erroneous because the camera was located on a bend in the road and claimed that as a result of the way light travels the camera could not have recorded an accurate speed measurement.

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