Ambulance Drivers urged to use AtoZ as Satnav System Fails
Date: Thursday, April 30 @ 09:36:23 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comStory courtesy of GazetteLive. The North East Ambulance Service has issued instructions for crews to use old fashioned AtoZ's in favour of Satnav when checking locations.

In a leaked memo, Operations Director Paul Liversidge writes: "I have previously communicated generally on a number of occasions about the problem we have experienced with staff relying solely on their Sat-Nav systems and not checking locations with the A to Z when unsure of locations.

The service uses an integrated system with addresses sent direct to navigation systems in the tasked crew vehicles from the control centre. Out of 254 erroneous locations given to crews between Oct 2006 and July 2008, 161 were due to system errors.

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