Garmin Forerunner 310 Gets a Facelift, Meet The 310XT
Date: Thursday, April 23 @ 11:40:36 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comGarmin have been busy it would seem. No sooner had the ink dried on the Forerunner 410CX article than news popped into the inbox of the Forerunner 310XT's release.

Aimed squarely at Triathletes and Swimmers, the 310XT is waterproof to 50 metres and is ideal for running, biking and other outdoor sports with distance, pace and location all logged. Heart rate is also calculated using the optional heart rate monitor and like the 405 it offers heart rate-based calorie consumption calculations.

With a battery life of 20 hours it will meet the demand of even the most arduous of sports.

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