Garmin Oregon 500 leaked on resellers sites
Date: Monday, April 13 @ 19:13:15 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comToday has seen a flood of speculation about a new Garmin Oregon 500 which seems to have originated in a reseller's printed pricelist, but has since appeared on the Handtec website.

Looking at the specifications published (see below) this seems to be basically similar to the current Oregon range with the exception of a digital camera, though the specifications of the camera are not included in the listing and indeed the listing looks like the Oregon 400 with appropriate name changes. So it remains to be seen how accurate they are.

They are advertising 2 models a 500 and a 500t the difference being that the 500 comes with a basemap and the 500t comes with topographcial maps. Pricing is 354 for the 500 and 402 for the 500t.

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