TomTom GO 950 with Google Talk - 500 To Give Away
Date: Wednesday, April 01 @ 10:52:18 UTC

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Another day, another new TomTom. Enter the GO 950 with Google Talk.

Building on the live services of the GO 940, the 950 (and presumably the 550 and 750 to follow later) adds 3G connectivity together with a mobile Google Talk client that allows voice communication via a data connection and Instant Message capabilities across AIM, MSN and Yahoo Messenger networks. There is also Google's Chrome 'web browser'.

Coming as it does a day after Skype appears on the iPhone it seems that mobile VoIP applications are the next 'big thing' and 3G data speeds makes a welcome addition. Chrome operates in a walled garden (presumably to limit data usage) but will allow you to browse many common websites such as the BBC, CNN, YouTUBE etc.

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