Sygic Announces Sygic Mobile 2009 for iPhone 3G
Date: Friday, February 27 @ 11:12:45 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comSygic have today announced the latest version of their navigation package, Sygic Mobile 2009 which will be launched at CeBIT 2009 next week.

Sygic Mobile 2009 adds support for Apple iPhone 3G and Sygic hope to be first to the market with a full turn-by-turn navigation solution for iPhone. Sygic say in their press release "Sygic is entering the AppStore to be the first on the market that offers full turn-by-turn navigation for Apple users." so it is not yet clear if the application has been submitted and approved already but we are seeking clarification.

Sygic software is gathering a growing band of supporters and it would seem that the company are both proactive and receptive to suggestions from its user-base, a refreshing change these days. The application (available for a number of mobile phone operating systems) has traffic and on the iPhone is landscape/portrait compatible using the tilt sensor.

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