30 Percent Decrease in US Peak Time Traffic Jams
Date: Thursday, February 26 @ 16:00:50 UTC

trafficA study that ranks the one hundred worst congested US cities reports unprecedented decline in US traffic congestion. Since 2006, INRIX Traffic Services has collected tens of billions of “GPS-enabled probe vehicle” reports from taxis, airport shuttles, service delivery vans, long haul trucks and consumer vehicles. Its annual National Traffic Scorecard was released yesterday revealing a 30 percent decline in peak period traffic congestion on the US''s major urban roads.

INRIX aggregate traffic-related information from hundreds of public and private sources, including traditional road sensors and the company’s network of almost a million GPS-enabled vehicles and cellular probes. It provides real-time, historical and predictive traffic information in North America and Europe to partners within the SatNav industry including TomTom, TeleNav, Tele Atlas, deCarta, Mio and Navigon.

One would think that some reduction might be attributed to the proliferation of traffic applications available that now help motorists skirt around congestion problems, but it was only fuel prices and a struggling economy that were cited by INRIX as the reasons.

The report claims...

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