MWC 2009 Wrapup: My view of the event and the market
Date: Thursday, February 26 @ 13:26:42 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comFor me the 2009 Mobile World Congress was all about location. I know that the last few years have been the same, but this year everyone was talking location.

The industry seems to have woken up and realised that the mobile phone market is not A-B navigation, indeed A-B navigation is an incidental way down the list of priorities. Towards the top is "Where am I?" or more precisely "What is around me?". This is starting to be integrated into social networking so it extends to "Who is around me?". We are now seeing this functionality consolidating into LBS applications for the phone. To a certain extent this makes a lot of sense. If you are in a car you don''t want to be squinting at a small screen, listening to a tinny speaker with no volume. Likewise if you are walking you don''t want to lug your heavy PND around in your pocket. This then allows the software to be tailored specifically for your device and the potential uses you would put it to.

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