CSR and SiRF combine forces for Bluetooth and GPS
Date: Thursday, February 12 @ 23:57:27 UTC

pocketgpsworld.comIf I was to ask you for the name of a GPS component maker, the one name that springs to mind is SiRF. For many years now SiRF have set the standard by which other GPS chipsets are measured.

Earlier this week I received a Press Release from CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) announcing "*CSR and SiRF* *combine forces for Bluetooth and GPS market leadership". Now I had not heard of CSR until CES this year when Lutz went to talk to them about their chipsets, and all of a sudden they are merging with SiRF.

The way I read the Press Release is that CSR are taking over SiRF, I have fired off some questions to clarify the position, and hopefully will interview CSR at Mobile World Congress next week.

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