econav - SatNav That Improves Your Economy And Saves You Money
Date: Thursday, February 12 @ 01:05:00 UTC

Speed Cameras, GPS, SatNavs Vexia have announced econav, a new satnav brand that aims to not only navigate you to your destination but to do it in a green, economical fashion. Aiming to reduce CO2 emissions Vexia calculate that the average driver will save enough money to pay for the econav unit in the first six months.

econav works by calculating the most economic route and the most economic driving style. You input your car and fuel type and number of passengers and the system will choose the most economic route and whilst providing advice on optimal gear and acceleration via the display.

We are all painfully aware of the cost of fuel and now more than ever we are finally considering fuel economy seriously. If econav lives up to its promises you could save an average of 400 a year in lower fuel consumption.

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