SPECS3 Nears Approval - Average Speed Checks on Residential Streets
Date: Tuesday, February 10 @ 12:06:11 UTC

Speed Cameras, GPS, SatNavs Speed Check Services latest product, SPECS3 looks closer to reality with news that it has been recommended for Home Office Type Approval. Transport for London is one of the groups championing SPECS3 with claims that it is essential for the successful policing of new 20mph zones.

SPECS3 builds on the technology of the existing SPECS system which utilises Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras. SPECS3 cameras act each as network 'nodes' which can communicate with a central station over public networks rather than the dedicated links required by SPECS. Because each camera operates as a node it can be linked to any other SPECS3 camera and so each camera can form a part of many other 'webs'.

Naturally this latest generation is much more powerful, click here to read more and discuss...

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