Speed Camera May Have Caused Fatal Crash
Date: Monday, February 09 @ 10:40:10 UTC

Speed Cameras, GPS, SatNavs A fatal accident involving a 45 year old man may have been caused by a speed camera Police say.

Tayside Police say the driver, Graham Davies lost control of his car for no apparent reason and hit a lamp post on the A9 near Auchterarder, Perthshire. Mr Davies was not thought to have been speeding but Police believe he may have braked suddenly when he sighted the speed camera and lost control as a result.

Traffic Police Officer George Fergus said; "We find many drivers, when approaching a camera, see the camera or road markings and it is a natural reaction to brake hard then check their speed and accelerate again. I believe that is what happened here."

The camera was sighted at a known accident black-spot.

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